ENERGY one will change the way we buy, consume, produce and understand energy. We apply modern technology for our customers - individuals, corporates and communities alike - to help them reach ever new levels of responsible and sustainable energy usage, in addition to cost-savings.

With our successful track record of projects in our European home markets, and a wide-range of blockchain-based energy products and services, ENERGY one can design and implement sustainable energy systems achieving reduced energy consumption and a better quality of life in smart cities of the future.

Energy markets have not fully exploited technology, and are stuck in the past. With the global need for decarbonisation, market deregulation all over the world, and the availability of advanced technologies like smart grids, the internet of things, electro-mobility and particularly blockchain technology, ENERGY one  has all it takes to be a major player in this change.


The ENERGY one blockchain, which is already serving thousands of customers, will be the technological foundation to handle transations in the ENERGY one world. Blockchain technology guarantees high efficiency and flexibility of our processes and high security and data sovereignty for our customers.


ENERGY one will generate one-time and recurring income from

  • energy trade
  • smart energy solutions, as contractor, supplier of products and services, or consultant, depending on project requirements
  • renewable power generation assets owned by ENERGY one


ENERGY one will continuously invest a relevant share of its income in operating renewable generation assets, mainly solar and wind, and will give customers the opportunity to invest in those tokenized assets, reducing their energy bills, eventually even down to zero.


ENERGY one utilizes blockchain technology to implement “neighborhood energy solutions” through cross-sector integration of peer-to-peer trading, electricity generation, battery storage, heating and cooling, and electro-mobility.

Projects implemented by ENERGY one can, for instance, bill tenants for energy from different sources at different prices, thus providing incentives for the use of electricity generated by the local cogeneration unit or solar panels.


No secure and auditable method exists to date to bill electric vehicles (EVs) charging on private or public power outlets (as opposed to dedicated EV charging stations), as vehicle identification is not possible. Particularly home-charging of electric company cars cannot be billed to the company in a secure and tamper-proof way.

ENERGY one provides companies owning electric company car fleets with an accurate and secure blockchain-based billing mechanism regarding private re-fueling by employees:

  • vehicles are tagged for tamper-proof identification

  • an adapter communicates with the vehicle and the billing app, releases and registers the electricity flow

  • electricity can be directly charged to the bill of the employer, or lease company, and deducted from the employees power bill

  • alternatively, an auditable invoice is issued for submission to the company


Smart meters will make energy usage transparent in real time. They will identify power guzzlers and let consumers benchmark their own power consumption and power costs against peers and neighbors, and learn from those with better “performance”.

Machine-learning and energy disaggregation offer this opportunity even to the many consumers with analog meters.


A solar system on the roof, installed by ENERGY one partners, can usually provide the majority of the electricity for a household when combined with battery storage.


Smart thermostats, whether programmed or app-controlled, make sure that rooms are heated or cooled only when needed, significantly bringing down energy costs and CO2 emissions.


Top 10 ranking at the New Energy Challenge 2021 - July 14, 2021

We are proud and happy that Energy one was selected among the Top 10 in the "Gamechanger Track" for start-ups at the "New Energy Challenge 2021". Now we will do everything we can to be successful in this competition in the next rounds with our "Energy One Exchange" project and to establish the exchange on the market with the help of the project partners.

The New Energy Challenge is a joint initiative by Get in the Ring, Rockstart, Shell and YES! Delft.

Throwback to the UNLOCK Blockchain event in Dubai last month ...

... where our CFO Christoph Harks discussed why blockchain technology is the best solution to the current issues the energy industry faces today.

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ENERGY one enters strategic partnership with CT PAY to implement MICE / smart city projects in Asia

Jan 17th, 2019

We are proud to announce the Strategic Partnership between CT Pay, a pioneering Smart City Enabler and ENERGY one, German Leader in Blockchain Smart & Sustainable Energy Provider to implement #MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) projects in South Korea and Japan.

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Dr. Dirk Neupert - CEO of ENERGY one at UnlockBlockchain Forum Dubai

Jan 15th, 2019

Please take a look at the interview one ENERGY one CEO Dirk Neupert during UNLOCK Blockchain in Dubai to find out what ENERGY one has already done, and is planning to do in Dubai and the region

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ENERGY one CFO Christoph Harks speaks about „Energy in Blockchain“ at Unlock Blockchain, Dubai

Jan 16th, 2019

ENERGY one CFO Christoph Harks and Ali Kassab speak about „Energy in Blockchain“ at Unlock Blockchain, Dubai, at 2pm on Jan 16th, 2019.

Come and join them, then see us at the ENERGY one stand to hear about the smart energy world we are building. #energy#blockchain#sustainable#sustainability#renewable#solar

Bitcoin magazine interviews Christoph Harks, CFO of ENERGY one

UNLOCK Blockchain, Dubai, Jan 15th, 2019

Dubai, UAE, Jan. 14th, 2019

UNLOCK Blockchain Forum Dubai

Dubai UAE Jan 7th, 2019: The UNLOCK Company DMCC, a platform that provides information, intelligence, insights and news pertaining to the Blockchain sector, is holding its second series of the UNLOCK Blockchain Forum in Dubai, UAE, on Jan. 15th and 16th, 2019,……

Core team

Dieter Waffel, Chairman

Dieter has been an expert in energy trading for over 25 years, as senior manager at Tennessee Valley Authority and E.ON, co-founder and former chairman of the EEX. He also held positions as Chairman of the Council of the EEX, Chairman of EPRI's national Power­coach User Group, member of the CBOT Electricity Futures Advisory Committee and Chairman of the energy trading steering committee for German VDEW.

Dirk Neupert, CEO

Dirk has a diverse 20 years of industrial and leadership experience and a sustained record of achievements in a range of strategic and operational roles for Swiss-Swedish ABB, followed by a successful MBO and subsequent IPO. His passion for entrepreneurship and openness for ideas brought forward by customers, partners and co-workers are a key factor for his success, both in industry and for the SMEs he founded and managed.

Christoph Harks, CFO

Christoph has lived out and fostered his entrepreneurial spirit, and has an unblemished track record in identifying or creating business opportunities. Having achieved two IPOs for com­panies he co-owned and prepared a third one, Christoph has proven his unique expertise at creating shareholder value.

Pep Torres, Marketing

Pep Torres is currently Creative Marketing Director at everis consulting in the UK, developing campaigns related to new technologies in the area of Blockchain, AI, Big Data, (robotics process automation (RPA) for the energy, banking and insurance sectors, among others. He is also Innovation Manager of Happy Punt, one of the largest manufacturers of clothing for the fast fashion sector in Spain. In 2009, he was nominated by TIME Magazine as one of the 50 best inventors in the world.

Supporters and advisors

Bert Elsenmüller, Investments

Bert has a wide range of experience with investing in energy assets ranging from solar and wind power to waste-to-energy and biofuels. Bert also served as managing director for a large international project developer in the field of renewable energy. During his time with KPMG and as lecturer at Munich university, he also gained deep insights into technology start-ups.

Frank Thale, Financial Advisor

Frank comes from an entrepreneurial family background and is holding active director posts in financial and energy companies. Having himself brokered numerous renewable energy deals, Frank also contributes his professional network of renewable energy investors. His family office runs a solar park and is one of the major investors in a biogas plant.

Christian Stockmann, Legal Affairs

Christian is a trained jurist and entrepreneur by dedication. In consulting and management assignments across a diverse range of industries and functions, his goal-oriented approach, legal expertise and outstanding communication skills brought about extraordinary success for established public companies as well as for SMEs and start-ups.

Thomas Hartkopf, Markets

As a former board member of EnBW, one of Germany’s leading utilities, international Business Area manager of the Swedish-Swiss ABB group, and retired professor for renewable energy at Darmstadt University, Thomas has seen and shaped the energy markets from many perspectives.