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The upcoming number one energy supplier



ENERGY one  has all it takes to become the no. 1 energy supplier in the future energy markets worldwide:

  • the only blockchain in the energy market proven in years of commercial operation

  • customer-friendly and state-of-the art technologies throughout the entire value chain

  • ENERGY one solutions form an integrated part of smart cities

  • a robust and scalable business model allowing for quick international expansion and exponential growth

  • a highly experienced entrepreneurial team with decades of successful international industrial and entrepreneurial experience in the fields of energy, finance, IT and start-ups

The energy market is ripe for disruption, and ENERGY one is ready to attack.


Through an investment in the ENERGY one Security Token Offering (STO) planned for mid-2019, customers and investors can participate in its future growth and success:

  • expect an NRG1 gain in value of over 1,500 % in only five years!
  • projected annual return (IRR) over 50% from Year Two
  • up to 30 % bonus for early investors